Colleen Print Sleeveless Polo with Trim

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50% OFF IBKUL Sleeveless Polo Top with white trim.  In the world of women's fashion, why opt for anything other than pure beauty, practicality, and comfort? The Sleeveless Polo is perfect for those warm summer days, those cool summer nights, and those days spent out and about. Stylish, yet functional, you can easily be dressed up or dressed down and pair it with a number of different accessories. Available in Colleen print.

Evoking the beauty of a freshly painted watercolor mural, the Colleen brings us back to an artist's studio. As the artist passionately paints tedious and meticulous watercolor landscapes, we find ourselves lost in the interesting patterns that develop when we take a closer look. The Colleen brightens up any outfit.

The Colleen works well as a bright accent but can easily be used as a subtle pop of color underneath a warm cardigan on a cold winter day. Perfect for a day in the office, or even the brightest summer day, this versatile print can be used throughout your wardrobe all year long.