Oural Turtleneck Striped Shirt

Saint James

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Made in the same anti-UV material as our best-selling GARDE-COTE III t-shirts and PHARE tunics, the OURAL Turtleneck Shirt is an instant winter wardrobe staple. Its waist-flattering cut is ideal for women to wear underneath a wool cardigan or tailored jacket. UV sun protection : using the U.V Skin-Protection microfiber, SAINT JAMES offers a specially designed garment to protect your body against the harmful solar rays. This polyamid microfiber offers a skin protection twice superior to cotton. You will also appreciate its easy care drying and active breathing properties. It also does not peel. Measurements for size 8 (T40) : total length is 20' / 51cm, half bust girth: 18'/ 45.70cm, sleeve length: 22' / 56cm. Made in Saint-James, Normandy, France.

Anti-UV material: 91% polyamide microfiber, 9% elastane.