Eco-friendly Clothing and Accessories

Unfortunately, there is a lot of waste in the apparel industry. Luckily, there are several clothing manufacturers are committed to reducing waste and reducing or eliminating the use of chemicals.  These brands are using recycled content, such as recycled wool and polyester, and natural sustainable fibers such as bamboo and hemp.  They are using organic cotton, which not only eliminates the use of chemicals, but also significantly decreases the use of water.  

In addition to carefully selecting fabrics and materials that are better for the environment, the eco-friendly/sustainable/vegan movement within the fashion industry also includes choosing to work with Fair Trade Certified Factories to ensure that the workforce creating their apparel have fair wages and a clean and safe work environment.  

Lastly, these companies also choose to make their products with as little to no stress as possible to the animals such as offering mulesing free merino wool.  Mulesing is a procedure done to sheep that is considered by many to be cruel and unnecessary.   Shoe manufacturers such as TOMs are offering vegan shoes, made with plant based materials instead of leather.    

Island Pursuit is proud to carry so many wonderful brands such as Prana, Toad&Co., Kuhl, TASC, TOMS, 4Ocean, and more, who are committed to creating more eco-friendly options for those of us concerned about the environment. 

To make it easier for you to shop Eco-friendly Clothing and Accessories, we've assembled them in this collection.  Happy Shopping and remember....reduce, reuse and recycle!